Somatic Practice

Trainings with Kathy L. Kain

The Somatics of Common, Complex Emotions
with Kathy L. Kain & Tony Richardson

This workshop will continue the explorations begun in the Somatics of Emotions workshop, delving more deeply into complex emotions such as heartbreak, despair, betrayal, humiliation, anguish, and disgust. We will consider the developmental tasks related to these emotions, their pro-social value, and their potential transitions into emotions such as gratitude, excitement, and joy.

Once practitioners can perceive simple emotions in the tissues, as practiced in the Somatics of Emotions workshop for example, we can then move toward working with compound emotional states that tend to arise in specific tissues.

In this workshop we will work with somatic patterns such as heartbreak as it arises in the tissues of the chest, despair as collapse in large muscles and heat in the gut, betrayal as expressed in the spine. Working with practices such as opening the heart, and widening the sense of ego can provide the opportunity to connect to the patterning of the brain related to these emotional states, and bring into inquiry how we can change the brain, and the self.

What are the structures – particularly the somatic structures – that support the brain, and how can they be changed? Softening the chest, aligning the spine, deepening the breath…unless the structures that support the brain can move to greater equanimity, the brain will continue to make structures and meaning based on old paradigms. When these paradigms shift, emotions such as heartbreak, humiliation, and anguish may move to be replaced by relief, space and gratitude.


Completion of the Somatics of Emotions workshop, or sufficient clinical and practice experience to have developed the capacity to recognize emotions somatically, and be stable in your presence with them.

We are intending this course to be aimed at professionals who have experience with working with people who have entrenched realities; who are dealing with clients with these types of issues. Often, such practitioners find working with these types of clients to be isolating. This course is intended to provide a sense of community and connection for professionals working with some of the most challenging types of clients, for whom adding a somatic approach may be of some benefit. If you have questions about the suitability of this class for you, please email the coordinator and she will pass along your inquiry to us.

About the Instructors

Kathy L. Kain

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Tony Richardson

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October 23-26, 2020
Portland OR, United States
Friday - Sunday: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Monday: 9:30am - 4:30pm


St. Philip Neri Catholic Church
Carvlin Hall
2408 SE 16th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214
United States


Early-Bird Rate: $825.00

Full payment is required qualify for this discounted rate, paid online or postmarked by August 23, 2020.

Regular Rate: $975.00

A deposit of $150.00 or payment in full is required to hold your place.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received by the workshop’s Early Registration deadline will receive a full tuition refund; cancellations received after the deadline will receive a tuition refund less the $200.00 deposit.


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