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Trainings with Kathy L. Kain

Touch Skills Training for Trauma Therapists
with Kathy L. Kain

The primary focus of this program is on developing tactile skills, somatic awareness, and other touch-related skills in the context of working with the resolution of trauma. Mental health providers, touch therapists, and other somatic practitioners will find this training useful for increasing their skills for more directly including the body in the resolution of traumatic stress symptoms.

The program is designed to progressively build the participants’ understanding and confidence in being able to incorporate different types of touch, different body systems and tissues, and different somatic practices into their trauma recovery practice.

While the program presumes that participants are open to incorporating touch into their practice in some form, the same skills can be adapted for use in practice settings that do not support actual physical contact with clients. It is designed primarily for Somatic Experiencing providers who have completed the Intermediate year or beyond, but other types of practitioners will be considered for the training.

The following topics will be covered in the course of the three modules of the training, in this approximate order:

Module 1

  • Different types of touch, palpation skills
  • Monitoring activation via touch
  • Refining skills for touching different body layers and structures
  • Legal, ethical and scope of practice issues
  • Resilience, resourcing, building capacity for self-regulation
  • Polyvagal theory and the enteric nervous system
  • Somatic metaphors

Trauma Categories addressed in this module:

  • Scars/surgery
  • Physical injury
  • Stabilizing highly activated/dysregulated physiologies

Module 2

  • Sensory-Motor Development and its relationship to orienting and defensive responses
  • Alignment and the client/practitioner’s matrix of attention
  • Titration and pendulation in physical forms
  • Palpatory literacy
  • Coupling dynamics in somatic form
  • Keystone systems

Trauma Categories addressed in this module:

  • Falls
  • High-velocity injury
  • Global High Intensity Activation (GHIA) and the Threat Response Cycle
  • Fluids - poisoning, other fluid-based traumas

Module 3

  • Visceral systems and deep shock
  • Body diaphragms and deep shock
  • Mediastinum
  • Trauma structures
  • Immune response and traumatic stress
  • Coherence between different body systems
  • Working with somatic shame
  • Treatment planning

Trauma Categories addressed in this module:

  • Complex medical and physical injury, complex trauma structures
  • Early trauma, developmental disturbances at the somatic level
  • Syndromes


Completion of the Somatic Experiencing Intermediate year, or equivalent.

About the Instructor

Kathy L. Kain

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Continuing Education

Continuing Education credits will be offered for this program (30 Hours per Module). Please see our CE Information page for details.

Tucson AZ, United States

Note: This training is offered in a three-module format.


Module 1

May 10-14, 2018

Module 2

October 4-8, 2018

Module 3

December 6-10, 2018


9:30 AM - 5:30 PM


Tucson Convention Center
260 S. Church Avenue
Tucson AZ 85701
United States
+1 (520) 791-4101


$1,125.00 per module
Single-Module Early Registration: $1,025.00 per module

when tuition is paid in full by:

  • March 11, 2018 for Module 1
  • September 4, 2018 for Module 2
  • November 6, 2018 for Module 3

A deposit of $150.00($US) or payment in full is required to hold your place in the first module.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received by the upcoming module’s Early Registration deadline will receive a full tuition refund; cancellations received after the deadline will receive a tuition refund less the $150.00 deposit.


Please Note: This workshop is now full. Registration is open only to students who are returning for Modules 2 and 3, have been admitted from the waiting list, or have already reserved their space by paying a deposit. However, it is possible that space may become available, so you may join our waiting list, and we will contact you to complete your registration. Please click the link below to be added to the waiting list.

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If you have previously paid your deposit, been admitted from the waiting list, or are returning for Modules 2 and 3:

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